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Supply at No Cost of Lightly Armoured Patrol Vehicles to the Lebanese Armed Forces

Statement made on 12 January 2021

Statement UIN HCWS702


The UK intends to supply a fleet of vehicles at no cost to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), in recognition of our strong relationship in tackling the shared terrorist threat.

At present the LAF do not have the capability to fully patrol Lebanon’s border with Syria and have requested the UK’s assistance in providing suitable equipment to fulfill this requirement. The UK has agreed to supply 100 surplus Army Revised Weapon Mounted Installation Kit Plus (RWMIK+) vehicles in response to a request from the Lebanese Commander in Chief.

The supply of these vehicles will greatly enhance the LAF’s capacity to mount long distance patrols across rugged mountainous terrain and allow their Land Border Regiments (LBRs) to more effectively counter the threat of armed smugglers and extremists trying to enter Lebanon.

The 100 Revised Weapon Mounted Installation Kit Plus (RWMIK+) vehicles, valuing £1,502,000, are surplus to the needs of the British Army. The logistical costs of collating and then transporting the vehicles to Lebanon will be borne by the Conflict Stability and Security Fund, and training in the operation of the vehicles will be borne by the Defence Acquisition Fund (South).

Delivery of the RWMIK+ to Beirut is expected to commence in January 2021.

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Ministry of Defence