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Conflict, Stability and Security Fund Allocations 2019/20

Statement made on 18 July 2019

Statement UIN HLWS1714


I wish to update the House on the progress of the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) for the Financial Year 2018/19, as well as to announce the initial regional and thematic allocations for this financial year 2019/20.

The CSSF is a cross-government fund which uses both official development assistance (ODA) and non-ODA resources to deliver against both national security and UK Aid objectives, through security, defence, peacekeeping, peace-building and stability activity. In 2018/19, the CSSF spent £1,256.8 million against a cross-government allocation of £1,258.8 million (99.84%). A further breakdown of spend against regional and thematic allocation, by department and by discretionary and non-discretionary spend is included in the CSSF’s Annual Report for 2018/19, published today.

The report includes examples of successful programmes and results as well as ways in which the CSSF has made improvements. A copy of this document is attached and has been published on

FY 19/20 Allocations





Middle East North Africa

£20.0 m

£157.3 m

£177.3 m

South Asia

£17.7 m

£89.6 m

£107.3 m

Africa (sub-Saharan)

£33.6 m

£61.3 m

£94.9 m

Overseas Territories

£51.6 m


£56.7 m

Eastern Europe, Central Asia

£23.2 m

£28.8 m

£52.0 m

Western Balkans


£36.0 m

£43.5 m


£0.3 m

£11.8 m

£12.1 m

Good Governance Fund (Western Balkans and Eastern Europe)


£35.9 m

£35.9 m

Asia Pacific


£5.2 m

£5.5 m


£154.2 m

£431.0 m

£585.2 m


£10.0 m

£17.5 m

£27.5 m

Counter Terrorism Programme Fund

£13.3 m

£12.6 m

£25.9 m

Multilateral Strategy

£4.0 m

£18.6 m

£22.6 m

National Security Communications

£2.5 m


£2.5 m

Serious and Organised Crime

£3.0 m

£12.0 m

£15.0 m

Commonwealth 18-20 Fund


£36.3 m

£36.3 m


£32.8 m

£97.0 m

£129.8 m


£291.0 m

£86.1 m

£377.1 m

MOD Deployed Military Activity Pool

£50.0 m


£50.0 m

MOD Afghan Security – Operation TORAL

£110.0 m


£110.0 m

MOD Operation TOSCA – UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus

£18.1 m


£18.1 m

MOD UN Operations in Africa – Operation CATAN (Somalia) and Operation TRENTON (South Sudan)

£19.4 m


£19.4 m

Non-Discretionary TOTAL

£488.5 m

£86.1 m

£574.6 m

Corporate Delivery Support & Other (this includes Stabilisation Unit, Joint Funds Unit and pilot activities)


£16.0 m

£16.0 m


£675.5 m

£630.1 m

£1301.2 m

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Cabinet Office

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Cabinet Office
Conflict, Stability and Security Fund Allocations 2019/20
Mr David Lidington
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office
Conservative, Aylesbury
Statement made 22 July 2019