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Publication of Updated Single Departmental Plans

Statement made on 23 May 2018

Statement UIN HCWS714


The Government has today published an updated set of Single Departmental Plans for 2018/19, covering the duration of the Parliament.

These set out each government department’s objectives and how they will achieve them. Taken together, they show how departments are working to deliver the Government’s programme.

For the first time, the plans also include equality objectives that each department has set itself to help it advance equality. This is just one of the steps we are taking towards improving outcomes for all citizens and making the Civil Service the UK’s most inclusive employer.

They also indicate how departments are contributing to the domestic delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Single Departmental Plans allow Parliament and the public to track the Government’s progress and performance against a number of indicators. Annual Report and Resources Accounts show how a department has performed against the objectives in their Single Departmental Plan, at the end of the financial year.

Single Departmental Plans will be revised annually to reflect new priorities or changes in responsibilities.

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