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Armed Forces: Foreign Nationals

Question for Ministry of Defence

UIN HL4874, tabled on 21 May 2020

To ask Her Majesty's Government how many Commonwealth citizens are currently serving in the UK Armed Forces.

Answered on

5 June 2020

As at 1 October 2019, there were 4,490 Commonwealth citizens in the trained and trade trained strength of the Regular Armed Forces and 240 in the Future Reserves 2020 population.


  • Figures for the Royal Navy/Royal Marines and Royal Air Force are for the Trained Regular population and Trained Future Reserve 2020 (FR20) population. Army figures are for Trade Trained Regular population, and Trained FR20 population.
  • UK Regulars consist of Full-time Service personnel, including Nursing Services, but excluding FTRS personnel, Gurkhas, mobilised Reservists, Military Provost Guard Service, Locally Engaged Personnel and Non-Regular Permanent Staff.
  • FR20 includes Volunteer Reserves who are mobilised, High Readiness Reserves and those Volunteer Reserves serving on FTRS and Additional Duties Commitment. Sponsored Reserves who provide a most cost-effective solution than Volunteer Reserves are also included in the Army Reserve FR20 figures.
  • Nationality is as reported on the Joint Personnel Administration system
  • Figures are rounded to the nearest 10 in line with disclosure control policy.