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House of Lords written question HL923.

Question for Cabinet Office

UIN HL923, tabled on 17 July 2017

Her Majesty's Government, in the light of the instruction included on the 2016 London Mayoral election that voters should “Vote once [x] in column A for your first choice, and Vote once [x] in column B for your second choice”, whether they instructed the returning officers for (1) that election, and (2) other mayoral elections, to make it clear to voters that they must vote both for a first choice and for a second choice candidate; if so, on what basis that instruction was given; and whether they intend to review their instructions for future mayoral elections.

Answered on

6 September 2017

The Government did not issue instructions to Returning Officers for the May 2016 London Mayoral and other mayoral elections to inform voters they must vote for a first choice and second choice candidate. The instruction on the ballot paper reflects how the supplementary vote works but it is for the voter to decide who they wish to vote for and whether they want to vote for one, two or any candidates. The Government is happy to consider any additional information on how to complete a ballot paper for polls using the supplementary vote system but, as was said in our manifesto, we are keen to move to the First Past the Post system for such polls which we think will be clearer and easier for electors to use.

Answered by

Cabinet Office